Janet Farwell

My artwork is usually done on wood, which has been prepped to last, but which is meant for indoor use. Though I started with glazed ceramic tiles, I now enjoy using stained glass and vitreous glass tiles as well.  I sometimes incorporate found objects in my work, which adds to the fun.  I never know what will inspire me--something someone says, the shape of a piece of furniture, or a picture on a card--so I try never to be without some paper and a pencil.  The list of projects I want to do seems endless and the big cement retaining walls that can be found all over Jerome are just waiting for some color.  One of these days. . . 


As a child I was always fascinated by a mosaic ashtray my mother kept in the basement.  It was many years before I decided to try making a mosaic of my own.  I had remarried and moved to Jerome where I had the time, inspiration and support to develop my art.  I remain fascinated with this medium and love every minute I spend in my studio, with a view of the Verde Valley in front of me.


I love children and am inspired by the innocence and joy reflected in their artwork.  Some of my pieces have been directly influenced by artwork my children brought home. 


I am a member of the Contemporary Mosaic Association and am grateful to all the other mosaic artists who have shared their knowledge and advice with me over the years.