I make a variety of ornaments and unfortunately forgot to take pictures of many of them.  However, again, they can be made just for you.  You'll see some I made one grandmother, who has a tradition of giving each of her four granddaughters an ornament every Christmas.  Each granddaughter is represented, not only by her looks, but by the activity she is participating in.  From soccer players, to ballerinas, to the girl who is always upside down. . . you name it, we can do it!

And I do ornaments boys will like as well.  Whether they are made to look like your child, or whether you pick a Rudolph head or a Robot, he'll be happy to hang his own special ornament on the tree every year.

Ornaments are usually about 3" x 3" but that is just a "round" figure; the wood they are made on comes from the leftover wood my husband uses to put in the backs of my picture frames.  So they may be a hair bigger or smaller.  Each one is painted on the back, signed, and has a D-ring with ribbon attached for hanging on your tree.  They are $18 each (shipping not included) and are easily mailed to you.  They won't take too long to make but I appreciate as much advance notice as you can give me!

IMG_3250 (1).JPG
Barb Murie Ornaments - 4.jpg
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IMG_3252 (1).JPG

Rudolph hangs diagonally; I just didn't take a very good picture.   Grrrr!

Xmas ornament Jesus in Manger 1.JPG
Turtle ornament.JPG